Alexander Bastidas and Katharina Rumpus thriumph in Ostrava.

Alexander Bastidas and Katharina Rumpus thriumph in Ostrava.

Ostrava has welcommed yet another WIC race. Rainy weather made it difficult for skaters to go up and down the famous local hill eleven times. Both in women and men races we have seen some attacks, but noone succeeded and the audience had to wait for the finnish sprint. The fastest of men was Alexander Bastidas from Venezuela with Austrias Jakob Ulreich and Christian Kromoser comming second and third. Women had a similar situation where Katharina Rumpus was just ahead of Carlotta Camarin and Anna Odlazek. Kathi Rumpus told us: „It was a hard race. I tried some attacks, but could not accelerate fast enough on the wet track, so we stayed together untill the end. I am very happy to win again here in Ostrava. It´s pitty that it was raining. Last year the race was very fast and the hill makes it interesting.“ Alexander Bastidas also shared his experience: „It was a hard race. When I skate on wet track, sometimes I feel bad,
sometimes I feel good, but today I felt really good. I managed to win the sprint and in the end, that´s what counts.“

Results men: 1. Alexander Bastidas 2. Jakob Ulreich 3. Christian Kromoser 4. Ondrej Suchy 5. Znotins Reinis

Results women: 1. Katharina Rumpus 2. Carlotta Camarin 3. Anna Odlazek 4. Maryna Zuyeva 5. Andrea Lokvencova

Results of WORLD INLINE CUP HERE: results_33km WIC.pdf


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